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RBRS is Remote Backoffice Resources Solutions means globally provide remote resources for all kind of Backoffice work and aim to generate employment without mobilization with help beautiful technologies like internet or utilization of any communication medium.

This is not freelancers site but consider model is almost similar and here you can hire employees as per your requirement and choice as monthly, half yearly or yearly engagement consider as regular employees with full or part-time work commitment as per client or employer convenient time.

Per consider minimum one month assurance service and one month termination notice commitment from both side employee and employer end.

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Why this business ?????

Because world learn and know the power and beauty of

Online/eservice or Digital/Electronic service


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Remote Backoffice Resources Solution(RBRS)

Company Started 25th June 1991,India

RBRS Started 1st April 2007,India

RBRS Subsidiary NTT Groups LTD

NTT Groups Presence 22 Countries(Direct or Indirect)

Resource Available India, Nepal, Sri Lanka , Bangladesh, Bulgaria , Egypt

Resource Engagement Hourly/daily/monthly/quarterly/

half yearly/yearly

Commitment assurance Mini one month notice period from both side

Salary $ 250 to $ $ 20,000 per month



WhatsApp +91-9205740502